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Non-lead Flashing Systems


In recent times, the advent of the non-lead flashing systems has made huge strides within the roofing and building world. These increasingly popular systems have proven to be not only as durable as lead, but also more cost effective. They also completely eliminate the theft of lead, as these systems have no scrap value whatsoever. They are also, on average, 80% lighter than lead, giving structural advantages as well as removing health & safety risks due them being non-toxic. These systems are fully recyclable, so benefit the ‘green’ element and have the ability to resist wind speeds up to 110mph- as demonstrated by BRE testing.

Ubiflex is one of the market-leaders in non-lead flashing systems, and a firm favourite of Beaumont Bespoke Roofing & Building.

Ubiflex is non-lead waterproof flashing material which can be used in most applications where lead is traditionally used, to provide a weatherproof junction at features such as changes of direction and materials.

Ubiflex is manufactured by coating both sides of an aluminium mesh reinforcement with a mixture of modified bitumen and additives. The underside of the product is finished with a kraft paper and film backing. Colour granules are added to the surface, the material cooled and rolled into the required lengths.

This highly developed system can be used for:

  • Stepped flashings
  • Abutment flashings
  • Chimney flashings
  • Pitched roof valley liners
  • Dormer window flashings
  • Rooflight and solar panel flashings

Ubiflex is:

  • Up to 50% quicker to install than lead, is fully malleable, can be worked in both directions and is self-sealing if punctured.
  • Not susceptible to thermal movement. Aprons up to 12m long can be formed without seams or expansion joints- 8 times longer than traditional lead sheet. Consequently, there is less wastage.
  • Compatible with most common building materials and components, such as thermal panels, extract flues, ventilators, rooflights and flat roofing membranes including PVC single ply.
  • Resistant to wind speeds up to 110mph- as demonstrated by wind tunnel testing at the BRE on a Ubiflex flashing surrounding a chimney with mortar joints sealed with Ubliflex Gap-Seal.
  • Stable and does not cause any unsightly staining.
  • Worked the same way as lead flashing but without the need for protective measures.
  • It can be cut with a sharp knife or snips.

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Beaumont Bespoke Roofing & Building provide a 10-year fitting warranty and 25-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.

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