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Dry Verge Systems

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What is a Dry Verge System? And what are its benefits?

If you live in an older house and have a gable roof, the chances are that you have ‘wet verge’ roofing. The ‘verge’ refers to the outer ends of your roof above the gable end (the wall above which two verges meet). Traditionally, these areas at the edge of your roofline are fixed with mortar in order to prevent pests such as birds nesting in your roof, or more importantly, water ingress. Roofs rendered with mortar for these purposes are what are referred to as ‘wet verges’.

Mortar requires regular maintenance to keep functioning, such as repointing. Unfortunately, this isn’t the sort of task you’re able to carry out in an hour on a Sunday afternoon – it often requires scaffolding to be erected which can be costly. There is no way to stop the deterioration of mortar, which means the only guarantee you get from it is maintenance costs further down the line.

Thankfully, mortar isn’t the only option for preventing water ingress and pests in your roofing. ‘Dry fixing’ is an increasingly popular roofing option which allows for the weather and pest-proofing of your roof without the need for mortar. Dry verge roofing makes use of interlocking caps that fit over the edge of your roof tiles, and offers an effective and, more importantly, durable alternative to wet verges.

Dry verge caps are usually made of plastic, which in itself offers some distinct advantages. The most obvious advantage is plastic’s durability; plastic verge caps should last you at least 10 years and require a fraction (if any) of the maintenance associated with mortar. Essentially, you won’t need to worry about your roof being inhabited by pests or nesting birds, or even worse, leaking.

Plastic’s durability also means that your roof’s aesthetic appeal and practical benefits are increased in its longevity. It’s a bit of a myth in the building trade that traditional materials such as mortar look better on older houses and that plastic can be a bit ‘impersonal’ and ‘cold’. This isn’t the case; plastic offers a clean finish that is guaranteed to last. With more and more homes adopting dry verge systems, your roofline won’t become the proverbial eye-sore.

It goes without saying that dry verge roofing offers all the roofline protection required just as, if not more, effectively than wet verges. Choosing Dry Verge Caps also offers distinct advantages regarding ventilation. They are fitted so that some air is allowed to enter, therefore providing the natural ventilation a roofline requires to not get damaged by the elements.

If your mortar is starting to look a bit shabby, don’t waste your money on expensive repointing that will only last for a few years – look at investing in dry verges instead.

The SmartVerge® Linear Dry Verge System from Manthorpe is designed for use with slates and interlocking plain tiles. It provides an aesthetically pleasing, maintenance-free detail to gable ends.

The Linear Dry Verge System uses a strong mechanical fixing method and is mortar-free, making it fast and easy to fit in all weather conditions. It has been independently wind tunnel tested to comply with BS5534 requirements for mechanical fixing and is manufactured from a high grade of robust uPVC.

A selection of ridge end caps prevents the entry of birds and large insects and aesthetically finishes the detail.

The SmartVerge® Linear Dry Verge System is ideal for both new build and refurbishment situations on roofs of 15° to 55° pitch. It is available in Slate Grey, Black, White, Terracotta and Dark Brown and is compatible with all fibre cement slates, natural slates, interlocking plain tiles, many other plain tiles and interlocking concrete tiles.

The Manthorpe Fast Fit Dry Verge System has been designed to provide an extremely cost-effective alternative that avoids all of the long-term maintenance problems – and costs – associated with mortar bedding.

Providing exceptional resistance to water penetration, this modern system provides unparalleled protection. Because the process is mechanical, bad weather isn’t a problem – fitting can take place even in wet or frosty conditions. Once fitted, the system is extremely secure. Forget about mixing and all of the mess, inconvenience and subsequent problems that come with using mortar.

All Dry Verge Systems come with a Beaumont Bespoke Roofing & Building 10 Year fitting warranty as standard, as well as a 10 Year Manufacturer’s warranty.


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