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What makes Beaumont Bespoke Roofing & Building your only choice for Resin Driveways?

At Beaumont Bespoke Roofing & Building our building teams are specialists in resins and have vast experience in installing hundreds of successful driveways. Over the past 25 years significant advances in polymer and epoxy resins have led to this hard wearing and flexible surface becoming increasingly popular as a surface used for driveways and pathways.

This surface is low maintenance and is reasonably resistant to weeds.

As a surface it is UV resistant meaning it doesn’t fade in the sunlight and it’s also oil and petrol resistant meaning if there is a spill it won’t stain.

Beaumont Bespoke Resin Driveways are also tolerant to a wide range of temperatures either hot or cold.

For the more adventurous the surface can be patterned however you want. However, for the more traditional, there are also a huge range of aggregate blends possible with a resin bound driveway so we can make it look as modern or traditional as you want.

Main benefits from having your new resin driveway or path installed by Beaumont Bespoke Roofing & Building include: 

Aesthetically pleasing
Highly durable
No loose stones
Restricts weed growth
Odour free during and after application
Environmentally friendly, biomass-based resin component
Produces stunning surfaces
Can be used as part of a SUDS compliant bound surfacing system
Perfect for harmony with the existing environment
Non-slip, anti-skid aggregates can be used
Internal or external use
Adaptable curing times
Standard and UV resistant versions available
Superb range of aggregate blends

To take a look at the colour range we offer please below.

Why not call us on 0330 1234 448 and we’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have. 

Bespoke Driveway Colour Options

Our Process

Resin Bonded.

Resin bonded the stone is scattered on to a resin base that is evenly spread using a squeegee. The aggregate sets onto the resin giving it a natural looking, textured surface. Excess stone is then removed once the resin has set resulting in a gravel like appearance which is ideal for any areas where more grip is required. Resin bonded areas look fantastic when edged with brick, timber or stone clean finish.

Benefits of Bonded?

A resin bonded surface gives a natural finish, making the surface ideal for areas underfoot as it increases grip and is anti-slip. Bonded surfaces are non-permeable.. You can achieve a highly decorative finish which is cost friendly and low maintenance.

Resin Bound.

Resin bound surfacing ensures each stone is coated in a specialist resin then the aggregate is trowelled by hand to ensure a smooth finish to the required depth – between 15mm – 20mm. Ideal for driveways, paths, patios and areas where you want low maintenance and a beautiful ascetical look . Beaumont Bespoke resin bound driveways and paths look great when edged with a brick, timber or stone edging to create a fantastic finish.

Benefits of Bound? 

The porous nature of a resin bound drive ensure that water is able to drain through to the base, which helps to reduce pools of water sitting on the surface. This allows the water to feed surrounding planted areas or trees in close proximity. In line with Sustainable Drainage Systems Regulations (SuDS) which are designed to minimize the potential of flooding.

Please see our SUDS video below:

Patio Install

At Beaumont Bespoke we also offer patio installations. Please contact us for more information.  

Beaumont Bespoke Resin Driveways

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