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Is this Roofing and Building Reinvented ..?!


Joseph Pulitzer once said….

“There is not a crime, there is not a dodge, there is not a trick, there is not a swindle, there is not a vice which does not live by secrecy.”

And for many potential consumers venturing into the minefield that is the roofing and building industry; that lack of honesty and transparency is the consequential product of this markets worst kept secret.

Where do we go? Who do we choose? And why do we have so many reservations about the decisions, we are for the most part, forced to make…?!

The answer is simple. It’s one word. Trust.

In a world where our hard earned money is largely relinquished in favour of either an emotional or practical purchase, the usual common denominator of our comforting peace of mind, is of our prior knowledge of the purchase acquired therein.

Unfortunately, unless your profession lies within this notoriously tarnished industry, the roofing and building world can be a proverbial shark-tank. An unpredictable environment, that can leave a nasty bite and severe financial scars.

It is more often than not, a realm of mass uncertainty, and one that seems to raise as many questions as it does provide transparent answers.

In 2001, the BBC set a precedent when it launched its own investigative/undercover television show, namely Rouge Traders. This prime-time national hit ran for 9 years, before it was eventually incorporated into the BBC’s other highly successful long-running consumer affairs show, Watchdog. The sole purpose of Rouge Traders, was to unequivocally expose tradesmen who had managed, for many years, to not only rip-off their ill-advised clients, but also to continuously evade sanction and reprimand.

The likes of Rouge Traders spawned a plethora of similar investigative television shows off the back of its success; such as Channel 4’s Cowboy Builders et al. For many viewers, these shows were paramount in opening their eyes to the nasty pitfalls and unscrupulous behaviour of the almost criminal side of this particular industry.

For the unsuspecting consumer, knowledge is power; but with that came an overwhelming feeling of caution and apprehension. Which is justifiably, hard to argue against.

The general consensus of those unlucky enough to fall foul to the whole ‘Cowboy’ experience, all unsurprisingly, were vocal in their undivided opinions. The vast majority would pertain to the sheer lack of transparency, honesty, integrity and not surprisingly, very poor communication. With all these inexcusable inadequacies delivered, the subsequent poor level of workmanship becomes almost the imperfect natural consequence.

Enter Beaumont Bespoke, a local roofing and building company who seem to be bringing a breath-of-fresh-air to the industry, or so their mission statement and core values taken from their highly polished website would lead us to believe.

And I quote ……

“With a hand-picked team of professionals, a multitude of high-level tradesmen, and an elite client centric customer relation department, Beaumont Bespoke bring a refreshingly unique company ethos. An ethos, unrivalled, and notoriously neglected within the roofing and building trade.

With years of experience, and a vast wealth of knowledge within the industry, a truly Bespoke philosophy of exactly what our clients require and expect are the foundations of our core fundamentals.

Our primary drivers and unprecedented values are in place to ensure those requirements are understood and precisely delivered, in an uber-professional manner, every step of the way.

We strongly believe communication is unequivocally paramount, as we strive to achieve the ultimate client experience.

Our Core Values set the standard and raise the benchmark within an industry largely devoid of a premium customer focused ideology.

Our mission statement reflects our beliefs, morals, and our continuous focus of exceeding our client’s expectations across all conceivable levels.

From our highly skilled and friendly Site Surveyors, to our vastly experienced Operations and Installation Managers, Beaumont Bespoke ensure we deliver a highly professional service from beginning to end.

Our Client Satisfaction and Customer Relation Teams, consistently monitor our performances on a daily basis, by liaising with our clients and documenting all feedback. This is not only a measure to gauge how we are performing, but also provides us with invaluable information from our clients.

This in turn drives our philosophies, as we continuously strive to achieve the epitome of our Core Values.

Quality – Honesty – Affordability – Integrity – Innovation

Expensive prices don’t guarantee quality, and vice-versa. Affordability can be achieved without the compromise in quality.

In order to ensure this Bespoke delivery, it requires both honesty and integrity. The foundations of which our company both prides itself on, and consequently, is firmly built upon.

This is Bespoke.”

For the most part, it is very hard to argue against such a ‘Bespoke’ statement of intent, and such a unique philosophy can only be applauded and complimented within its concept of everything it aims to achieve. Just like everything in life, the ‘proof is in the pudding’, but there is certainly no mistaking all the right ingredients are in place.

Beaumont Bespoke’s Customer Relations Manager, Matthew Moore, who also is the driving force behind the companies ‘Client Satisfaction Programme’ gives further insight into why he believes client care is of the utmost priority.

“For whatever reason, I think we have all, at some point within our lives, felt a little bit let down on occasion from various contracted tradesman. And I don’t necessarily mean with regards their workmanship, but more the lack of any real communication. We almost seem to reluctantly accept that as a customer, we are at the mercy of when the tradesmen decide they wish to either call us with an update, or worse still, turn up on the time and date specified.”

Matthew continues “I’ve always believed our industry should take a leaf out of, for example, the high-end automotive trade, and their meticulous level of communication and client centric focus. There is a lot to be admired and learned from the way the likes of BMW and Mercedes treat their clients. I’m a staunch advocate of the premise that if a client has to call into the business to clarify just exactly when their contract of works is due to commence, then we have failed in our projected company ethos. It’s that simple. And it is myself and my teams job to ensure that never happens.”

Beaumont Bespoke’s Operations Manager, Anthony Dew, elaborates a little further on his own personal beliefs and philosophies……

“I’ve always been a believer in the right Skill Pool for the job, and operating a successful development company is no exception. Our teams are in place to not only ensure the highest standards of Health and Safety requirements are present to protect our employees, our clients and their assets, but to ensure a complete client experience from start to finish.

Anthony reaffirms “Starting with our Customer Relations Team, our highly experienced site surveyors, exceptional roofing & building teams, and now in 2016, our most recently ultra-high-definition drone survey department, we are able to conduct building surveys using innovation to bring our clients the best in aerial technologies. Managing detailed inspection of all properties to ascertain all levels of integral visuals of even the most difficult to access of properties, no matter what the size or location. This combined with its cost effectiveness, also provides full 4K video/stills media coupled with a detailed surveyor’s report.”

Anthony concludes “It’s a wonderful and exciting time for us right now to really develop our pioneering services to make our clients lives easier. Even the little things, like our clients having the ability to obtain our inspections, by simply logging online, and accessing their property footage. We are leading the way here at Beaumont Bespoke”

From an outsider looking in, and based upon everything Beaumont Bespoke is striving to achieve within their core values and mission statements, their building foundations seem to be solidly cemented across all levels.

Are Beaumont Bespoke Reinventing Roofing and Building? Well, only time will tell.

But as Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you’re probably right.

I’ll just leave it at that.

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