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Mansard House

Keeping in accordance with the historic French Beaumont name and its extensive relevance to the local area, Mansard House is not only a beautiful 17th Century Grade 2 listed building, but also the head office of Beaumont Bespoke Roofing & Building Limited.

Set within the grounds of High Beaumont Hill Farm Estate and its breath-taking views, this recently redeveloped property defines everything Bespoke for which the company it bares host.

From its original wooden beams, to its authentic and beautifully preserved stonework, Mansard House instills the architectural foundations of an ethos bound by time-served quality and class.

Named after the brilliant 17th century French architect Francois Mansard, who not only designed the critically acclaimed Mansard Roof, but was also credited with introducing classicism into Baroque architecture of France. Mansard is believed to have learned the skills of his trade from within the studio of Salomon de Brosse, the most popular architect of Henry IVs reign.

Mansard’s philosophies were as simple as they were demanding; perfection or nothing.

Mansard was highly recognized from the 1620s onward for his distinctive style and skill within his profession, but he was viewed as a stubborn and difficult perfectionist, tearing down his structures in order to start building them over again. His attention to detail was peerless and his works “are renowned for their high degree of refinement, subtlety, and elegance”.

It could be argued that Francois Mansard reinvented roofing and building during the 17th century, and if that is the case, his beliefs and ideologies run deep through the company ethos of Beaumont Bespoke Roofing and Building to this very day.


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