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Health & Safety Policy

Beaumont Bespoke Roofing & Building only conduct projects ensuring we have the highest health & safety standards set in place to protect our clients, their property and, of course, our very own skill pool. It is of the utmost importance to Beaumont Bespoke that all work scopes are carried out with health & safety strongly backing us and this ensures our clients can be 100% that we have calculated the risks associated with every work scope before we begin a project on your property.

Although it is easy to overlook the importance of the correct procedures of contractors on a domestic level that enter your home people just don’t ask in general terms;

“Who is this company and what safety process do they have in place?”

“Do their staff use the appropriate risk assessment to protect my family and my home?”

These are not the sort of questions we would normally ask as we are not exposed to the hazards of the industry and usually these questions only come from insiders to the HSE industry and as a general rule are often overlooked.

Regardless of who you finally trust to undertake large or small projects to your property always ensure they show you the protective measures they have in place so you are protected from potentially hazardous material/works/equipment/environment conditions – before you go ahead. This should always include a risk assessment of the job and a toolbox talk or safety meeting before starting the work scope in your home.

As part of our transparency ethos at Beaumont Bespoke Roofing & Building we show our clients all of the documentation we mention above and the measures we have taken to protect their family and homes, after all, nothing is more important to you and we can safely say hiring a business with this ethos at heart and core values keeps you protected at all times.

Expect nothing less from your chosen company.

This is of course Bespoke. We provide an open door policy and core values of transparency and across all of our business we back this up with no stone left unturned when it comes to health and safety, an area where there is simply no room for complacency.

Welcome to Beaumont Bespoke Roofing & Building – Reinventing roofing & building for the better.

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